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One of the most popular house plants is the Spider or Airplane plant. Due to it needing minimal care it makes a fantastic beginners plant. Spider plants tolerate full sun to shade, low to high temperatures, and little to medium water. Basically as long as it doesn’t freeze and you water it every few days these plants will thrive. Spider plants will trail over the side of any pot they are placed in which makes them great for hanging baskets. Not only do these plants look great in homes but they also purify the air! 


This beautiful plant comes in a 4" nursery pot with drainage holes.

Spider Plant

    • Water when the first 1" of soil is dry then water plant throughly.
    • This plant will grow faster in bright indirect light but will tolerate low light.  Philodendron is considered a good "office plant". Do not place in direct light as the sun will burn the leaves of the Philodendron.
    • Caution: Philodendron is toxic to both dogs and cats as it can irritate the mouth and tongue.. It may also cause vomiting, increased salivation and swallowing difficulties. Best be kept in high places out of pet's  reach.
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