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You are purchasing a Alocasia Purple Cloak in a  4" nursery pot.  Wait until the top 1" of soil is dry then water throughly but do not let it stand in water, it does not like wet feet! Alocasias like partial shade to bright indirect light, do not expose to direct sun.  

This is may not be the exact plant you receive.  This is just an example of one of the Alocasia Purple Cloak we have in our greenhouse.

Alocasia Purple Cloak

    • Water when the first 1" of soil is dry then water plant throughly.
    • This plant will grow faster in bright indirect light but will tolerate low light.  Philodendron is considered a good "office plant". Do not place in direct light as the sun will burn the leaves of the Philodendron.
    • Caution: Philodendron is toxic to both dogs and cats as it can irritate the mouth and tongue.. It may also cause vomiting, increased salivation and swallowing difficulties. Best be kept in high places out of pet's  reach.
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