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Aglaonema's make fantastic beginner plants. They are tolerant of most lighting conditions. It will do best in bright, indirect light but can tolerate medium indirect light as well. 

As your Aglaonema grows it's not uncommon for it to drop it's lower leaves and develop something like a trunk. Don't be worried if yours begins to grow like this! As long as the plant is overall healthy and still growing there isn't anything to worry about!

Pruning is not required except to remove any dead or dying leaves, such as the bottom leaves of the plant that yellow and die (and note that this is normal for the bottom-most leaves to yellow eventually).


This plant is toxic to animals, so be sure to keep it away from your curious furry friends!

Aglaonema in 6"wicker basket

    • Water when the first 2" of soil is dry then water plant throughly.
    • Bright, but indirect sunlight is optimal. Be careful to not put the plant in full sun because, in many cases, the leaves will burn. Aglaonema's can tolerate lower light conditions as well.
    • The lower leaves may turn droopy and yellow and start to die. Don’t panic, this is a natural part of the plant’s process, and dying leaves are frequently replaced by new ones.
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